Finally It's Camping Season Again

All winter you've thought about going camping, traveling in your RV and planning precious family trips. The temperatures are starting to rise, WoooHooo! Its spring and you can go camping again! All of your planning and hard work are coming together and as soon as you get to your RV, your anticipation and excitement come crashing to a halt.

Your RV is ruined! Leaves are everywhere, bugs are crawling in your bed and even a raccoon has built a nest in your custom seats!

An RV cover can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in damage and is a must have, even if your RV stays in storage.

There are a few ways an RV cover can protect your camper:

  • UV degradation is the number one cause of loss of value. It destroys everything in its path, and we aren’t just talking about a faded paint job. The paint protects the metal and plastic underneath. If the paint is compromised, the underlying surfaces most likely are too. Fiberglass also oxidizes, due to UV exposure, as does rubber (making it look chalky and old).
  • A cover is essential to keep the bugs and rodents out.

RV covers are generally made from polypropylene or polyester. Varying methods of tripling-of-the-layers are used over the roof, for extra protection. The fabrics are treated with water or UV repellent. They are also able to breathe so that moisture can evaporate and doesn’t get caught under the cover, where it can trap mildew.

High-end custom RV covers from our trusted manufactures have a tighter fit and are secured in place beneath the RV, with some covers having zippers to allow access to the door. You work hard to purchase and create time for your RV, why not protect it.

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