The Importance of Having an RV Cover

 The Importance of Having an RV Cover

Owning an RV cover comes with a range of benefits. However, these do not come so easy. Of course, the importance of protecting an RV when it is not in use cannot be overemphasized. If the RV is stored outside (i.e. directly under the sun or rain), a cover is particularly important if the RV is not in use at all, especially during the winter months.


The cost of repairing the exterior of an RV is quite substantial – whether it be just a roof repair, mere paint job or simple window treatment – chances are it will be way too costly. Undoubtedly, these repairs are definitely going to be inevitable if the RV is exposed to the elements for a long time.


In the first place, the cost of preventing that impending damage by covering the RV cannot be compared with the cost of repairing it. And if need be, this single act of prevention will go a long way in maintaining the resale value of the vehicle, as it will only require fewer exterior washes.


How to Choose the Best RV Cover


When choosing an RV cover, there are three basic factors to consider. They include size, type, and material.


It is important to go for the right size of RV cover for a snug fit against the vehicle. Before shopping for an RV cover, it is needful to get the accurate measurements at hand. This can be rightly achieved by measuring the RV by hand from one end to the other while ensuring that every other thing such as the anterior storage racks, mirrors, bumpers, ladders etc. are included in the measurements.

Note: opting for a very big cover is not a good idea, as I will only make work more difficult. Also, critters will find easy access into the vehicle if the RV cover is loosely fitted. When measuring for a Travel Trailer RV Cover remember to Not include the hitch or propane tanks.



There are different types of RV covers. These covers depend mainly on the type of 5th wheel RV involved. For instance, truck or travel trailer RV covers are much different than those for a Class A motorhome or Class C motorhome. Covers that match with the RV’s body style will best protect the vehicle.



The choice of material for an RV cover chiefly depends on the condition of the weather in which it will be stored. However, there are RV cover manufacturers that produce a variety of materials for every kind of climate. Some of these manufacturers include - Eevelle (Expedition - Expedition S2 and Goldline), Carver Industries, and Classic Accessories (PermaPro, Polypro III and Skyshield and Encompass).


An RV cover could be the difference between a dinged door and a clean coat especially with all the external forces affecting the RV’s façade. Unlike a tarp, RV covers are made to allow for free flow of the right amount of air and to keep water off.


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  • I fully agree with you that these covers depend mainly on the type of 5th wheel RV involved. For instance, truck or travel trailer covers are much different than those for a class A motorhome or any other model. Thanks for sharing this great informative article.

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