Tips for Installing an RV Cover

Tips for Installing an RV Cover

*Tips and Content available from Carver Industries*

All Carver RV Covers are rolled and packaged with the front end of the cover to
the outside.

The tag on the front end is sewn to the outside of the cover for easy
Your Carver Cover will provide years of service if you take the precaution of examining your RV for sharp areas that could tear the cover (such as mirrors, awning mounts, etc.). Taking a few moments to pad these areas before installing the cover will help extend the life of the cover.

To install the cover, proceed as follows:
1. Place the rolled cover on the front end of the roof.
2. Roll the cover to the back end of the roof.
3. Working from front to back, spread the cover to the side edges of the roof.
4. From the ground, use a stepladder and work from front to back to pull the cover
down over the sides of the RV. Adjust the fit as necessary.
5. Before securing the elasticized hems, you may wish to use the included
reinforcement/repair kit to add protection to stress areas.
6. Secure the elasticized hems under the front and rear end of the RV.
7. Using the 40-foot tie down straps provided, secure the cover as shown above and
adjust to create a snug fit. All covers (except Pop Up and Class B Conversion Van
covers) also have an adjustable strap system attached to the front of the unit to
provide a more secure fit.
8. All covers (except Pop Up and Class B Conversion Van covers) have attached tiedown
straps at the bottom sidewalls of the cover. Slide straps under the unit and
connect on the opposite side.

Please Note! Your RV Cover is for storage only. Do not attempt to travel with the cover
on, or partially on. Contact with hot surfaces such as exhaust systems will damage the cover.

Caution! Always take care when walking on the roof of your RV. Carver Industries takes
no responsibility for accidents or damage resulting from walking on the roof of the RV. Avoid
walking on the RV Cover. Walking on the cover may cause you to slip. Whenever possible,
use two people to install the RV Cover. Do not attempt to install the cover in windy conditions.

Cleaning Instructions: The cover may be cleaned by spraying with a hose and/or
using a solution of mild soap and water, and a soft brush. Rinse with hose and allow to dry completely before folding for storage.

Carver Covers are Made in the USA!

RV Cover Supply is an Authorized Carver Dealer -

BEFORE INSTALLING COVER, Make sure the unit is clean and free of any debris.

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