Endurance RV Cover Roof Straps

Endurance Roof Straps Benefits:

  • Eevelle is pleased to be the first RV Cover manufacturer to offer a roof support system for semi custom RV covers.
  • This innovative new system allows users to utilize adjustable strapping to support the sidewall weight of the cover, effectively reducing the stress on the roof of the cover. 
  • Reducing stress on the roof of an RV cover is an important factor in increasing the life of all RV covers.
  • The Endurance RV roof strap system helps to minimize the stress placed on the cover by supporting the weight of the sidewalls.
  • Eevelle’s Endurance RV roof strap supports are available on select classes of RV covers in Goldline and S2 Expedition brands.
  • Reduces Stress on Roof Seams and Fabric
  • Helps Support the Weight of the Sidewalls
  • Improves the Life of the Cover

Available on Expedition S2 & Goldline RV Covers!

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